Motor & Racing Fuels

For high quality motor fuels, visit one of Rosebush Energies’ numerous VP Racing branded retail locations.
Many of our locations feature gasoline, diesel fuel, auto propane, stove oil, cylinder propane, Shell Lubricants, PRO Racing Fuels™ (Methanol, 110, 112, and 114 Octane), and a monthly $1000 gas draw. We also offer bulk deliveries of motor fuels.


Diesel Fuel

Racing Fuels

Dyed Diesel pump in Shannonville
Gas Draw sign advertising "Win $1000 free gas"
VP Racing gas pump with  diesel, regular gas, mid-grade gas, premium gas

Customer Perks

24-Hour Fueling Card

Our home heat customers are eligible for a 24-Hour Fueling card for added savings at the pump and 24/7 access. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Preferred customer gas card
Row of white SUVs

Commercial Fleets

Cardlock Program

Easily keep track of gas and diesel purchases with our Cardlock program.

Our Fuel and VP Racing Fuel Locations

VP Racing Logo


4026 Old Highway 2 East
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 4Z4

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5475 Old Highway 2
Shannonville, ON
K0K 3A0

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5804 County Rd 41
Erinsville, ON
K0K 2A0

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5589 Road 38
Hartington, ON
K0H 1W0

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4431 William St
Sydenham, ON
K0H 2T0

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45 Victoria St N
Tweed, ON
K0K 3J0

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65 Applewood Drive
Brighton, ON
K0K 1H0

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328 Riverside Pkwy
Frankford, ON
K0K 2C0

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6323 Arden Rd.
Arden, ON
K0H 1B0

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Bulk Deliveries of Motor Fuels – Diesel, Gasoline & More

We provide metered bulk deliveries of conventional motor fuels such as diesel (dyed and clear) and gasoline. More recently at nearly half the cost and similar mileage, automotive propane has become a very attractive alternative to gasoline.

Our customers have the added security of 24-hour emergency dispatch, volume pricing, and automatic and will-call delivery. We also have a wide network of service stations to service your fleet. Consider a commercial fuel tank.

Rosebush Energies fuel delivery truck