Lubricants & Site Refuelling

With trusted brand names like Rotella® T and Tellus, Shell Lubricants are among the elite in the lubricant world. You can count on Rosebush Energies to deliver these top quality products for any application, including aviation, automotive, trucking, industry, and more.

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Fuel Delivery Services for Much of Southeastern Ontario

Shell oil being poured into vehicle
Three buckets of Gadus industry oil

Industry Oils

Shell buckets of lubricants for heavy duty vehicles

For Heavy Duty Vehicles

Shell oil for cars and motorcycles

For Cars & Motorcycles

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Rosebush truck refuelling front end loader


Reduce Liability & Theft with Site Refuelling Services

Working on a job site? Rosebush Energies will come to you. We refuel your diesel equipment so you do not need to store fuel at the job site, reducing liability and theft. We’ll even refuel your fleet in your yard. Contact Rosebush today to learn more.