Heating Oil

Heating oil is a versatile home comfort option available in three varieties: Furnace Oil (for inside storage tanks), Premium Furnace Oil (our special higher BTU blend for outside storage tanks), and Stove Oil (for vapourizing burners and outside storage tanks).

Central Heating Systems

Hot Water Heaters

Space Heating

Central Heating Systems

Hot Water Heaters

Space Heating

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With our home comfort program, you can take advantage of our early payment incentives, free tank installation, free system inspection, equal billing, 24-hour emergency dispatch, and automatic and will-call delivery.

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Receive heating oil for your home for everything from hot water heating to central heating. Please read and fill out our Residential Heating Fuels Agreement Form to get started.

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Heating Equipment Installation

Rosebush offers various oil-fueled equipment from furnaces to boilers. To learn more about the oil equipment we provide, browse through the following brochures:

Granby Heating Products logo

Granby Conforto Warm Air Oil Furnaces

The new generation of oil-fired warm air furnaces.

Newmac Furnaces & Boilers logo

Newmac Oil Boiler

Oil fired forced air furnaces for the residential market.

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Newmac Wood Oil Combination

Alternative fuels, high efficiency heating solutions.

John Wood logo

John Wood Hot Water Heaters

Oil-fired and designed for performance.

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IntelliCon® Economizer

A selection of hydronic boilers.

Heating Oil Tanks

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Roth Tank Specifications

Roth Tanks are double-walled oil tanks. They provide the highest level of safety and environmental protection. Get more information about Roth Tanks by reading up on their general specifications.

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Granby® Double Bottom

The Granby Double Bottom tank is one of the strongest and safest on the market. The double-bottom system offers a leak detection system. Read all the details in the Granby Double Bottom brochure.

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Oil Yeller™

Oil Yeller provides a leak detection system for your heating oil tanks promoting clean and safe heating oil storage. See all the features for Oil Yeller in their product specifications brochure.

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Bulk Heating Oil & Propane

We can also provide metered bulk delivery of heating oil and propane to above ground and underground storage tanks. Our customers have the added security of 24-hour emergency dispatch, volume pricing, and automatic and will-call delivery.

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