Motor Fuels


Motor & Racing Fuels at OLCO Retail Locations

For high quality motor fuels, visit one of Rosebush Fuels’ numerous OLCO branded retail locations. Many of our locations feature gasoline, diesel fuel, auto propane, stove oil, cylinder propane, Shell Lubricants, PRO Racing FuelsTM (Methanol, 110, 112, and 114 Octane), and a monthly $1000 gas draw. Also if you are a home heat customer, you can use your preferred customer card for added saving. Get in touch with Rosebush to learn more.

Bulk Deliveries of Motor Fuels – Diesel, Gasoline & More

Rosebush Fuels provides metered bulk deliveries of conventional motor fuels such as diesel (dyed and clear) and gasoline. More recently at nearly half the cost and similar mileage, automotive propane has become a very attractive alternative to gasoline. Our customers have the added security of 24-hour emergency dispatch, volume pricing, and automatic and will-call delivery. We also have a wide network of service stations to service your fleet.

Propane Conversion Savings Calculator

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Commercial & Industrial Application

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